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26 May
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Eurogames S.R.L.

Eurogames S.R.L. With a production of a model battery car revolutionary for its time, began in 1969 the glorious career of Domenico De Carlo. He continued to design and realize other models. Only to be taken over by his son Fabio.

Today Eurogames is proud to offer more than 50 products subdivided by five categories: mini car, big car, go kart, bumper boat and sports ability games.

Our strength, apart from the reliability, is creating new models and it is for this reason our team, made up of production, mechanics, designers, sales people and employees, makes us leaders in this field.

Projecting the tracks and pools can vary in size and dimension. Eurogames takes it upon its self to suggest the fundamentals  in order to get the best results out of your lay out.

  1. Research: research the personalized solutions in order to tailor-make it for the client.
  2. Projects: accurate projects are made for the area. sorted in the most functional and adapt way for the space and theme of the location to decorate. baring in mind outdoor or indoor parks.
  3. Creation: creation of the park using the most suitable equipment and materials in terms of quality, safety and reliability.
  • Address: Via degli scavi, 41 - 47100 Forlì
  • Telephone: +39 0543796665
  • Fax: +39 0543722727
  • E-mail:
  • V.A.T. Number: 03624290403